Please see the latest updates on all pre-orders: 

 Date Updated:  Orders:   Status: 
22/02/2021  Stray Kids SKZOO Plushies & Figurines  Dispatch from Korea commencing late May 2021 - estimated mid-June arrival to Australia. 
22/02/2021 Stray Kids SKZ Doll by @SKZ_Doll Dispatch from Korea commencing August 2021.
22/02/2021  True Beauty OST  Dispatch from Korea commencing March 2021.  Estimated arrival of March 2021 to Australia. 
22/02/2021   Stray Kids District 9 Unlock World Tour DVD   
22/02/2021 Stray Kids District 9 Unlock World Tour Blu-Ray  Mid-March 2021 arrival to Australia. 
 22/02/2021  Stray Kids 1st Fanmeeting MD #LoveSTAY SKZ-X SKZOO Goods  Dispatch from Korea commencing early April 2021.  Estimated arrival of late April 2021 to Australia. 
12/03/2021 Ateez Fever Part. 2 Albums Dispatched from Korea, arriving to Australia between 15/03/2021 to 26/03/2021. Will be dispatched domestically before end of March 2021. 


Orders that are immediately available from dispatch from Korea (back-order), or in-stock are not included in the above list. 

The above will include any information including manufacturing/production delays from the supplier that are out of our control. 

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