Basic Rules:

  • Please select “PRE-ORDER ONLY” upon checkout for pre-orders.
  • Please do not check out pre-order items with in-stock items. Please order pre-order items separate from in-stock items. 
  • You will get an email confirmation of your order secured upon check-out. 
  • Ensure that the email provided is the one you will be receiving updates on. Any payments missed due to the incorrect submission of email will not be refunded. 


  • Payments are to be made via Bank Transfer/Deposit, Card or Paypal. 
  • Payments must be cleared by the pre-order deadline date or your order will not be accepted and you will be refunded. 
  • There will be 2 payments required for each pre-order. 
  • 1st Payment will be paid at pre-order check-out for the goods. 
  • 2nd Payment for domestic/international shipping will be requested via email when your order is in-stock and ready for pick-up or shipment. This payment is required to be paid within 14 days of request, or else your order will be treated as abandoned and resold. 
  • 2nd Payment email requests will be sent to you 3 times within the 14 day period. We will also be updating on Twitter. Any requests missed is not valid. 

Refunds / Back-Outs: 

  • If goods are not secured, you will receive a 100% refund. 
  • All payments are final. Orders requesting refund prior to the pre-order deadline date will be refunded for 100% store credit. Orders requesting refund after pre-order deadline will be refunded for 50% store credit. Orders requesting refund when goods are in-stock will not receive a refund. 

Pick-Ups (Sydney CBD only): 

  • Pick-ups need to be arranged within 14 days of goods being in-stock and requested via email. Orders with pick-up that are not collected within 14 days of being in-stock will be treated as abandoned and resold with no refund. 
  • Pick-ups are arranged when goods are in stock along with 2nd payment for domestic/international shipping. If you are unable to pick-up, you will need to arrange for shipping. If no pick-up or shipping is organised within 14 days of goods in-stock, goods will be treated as abandoned and resold with no refund. 
  • Pick-ups are generally in the Sydney CBD (between Wynyard/Town Hall) between Monday-Sunday standard business hours. 
  • You will need to be at the pick-up location within 10 minutes of the arranged time scheduled. If you are over 10 minutes late, you will need to organise shipping for the order. 


  • Your order will be shipped within 1-3 business days upon goods in-stock and shipping payment received and cleared. 
  • If paying via PayPal, you are required to have your paypal preferred shipping address the same as your shipping address. 

When will my pre-order item be in stock/shipped? 

This will vary dependent on the suppliers of the goods. 

  • General Albums: The approximate or exact in-stock date will be listed. 
  • Mwave Signed Albums: This is approximately 8 weeks from broadcast date. The approximate in-stock date will be listed. 
  • Concert Goods: The approximate or exact in-stock date will be listed. 
  • Fansite Goods: This is approximately a few weeks to 3 months and will vary. Please note that in the event that we are scammed by the fansite, you will only receive a refund when we have received the refund. 

Can I request for X to be available for pre-order?

Please send all requests via our email or twitter; or @kpopbazaar 

What if I request for pick-up initially but cannot make it and require rescheduling/shipping? 

Both pick-up and shipping will be requested when goods are in stock. If you have agreed upon a pick-up date and need to reschedule, please inform us ASAP via email/twitter, in some cases you will need to require shipping but we will work this out with you.