Blackpink Lisa 1st Solo Album 'LALISA' Vinyl LP (Limited Edition)

Blackpink Lisa 1st Solo Album 'LALISA' Vinyl LP (Limited Edition)

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 'LALISA' reads with enough confidence as it is the result of Lisa's announcement under her own name. In particular, the name of the album is more meaningful because it creates a love for oneself and pride by putting the real name first.

 The time has come when Lisa, who has established herself as an icon of popular culture, will fully demonstrate her new challenges and capabilities.

 LISA FIRST SINGLE VINYL LP LALISA [LIMITED EDITION] will be produced in a limited edition from August 26th to September 9th only for orders that have been actually paid for.


  • Package box + LP 

Size:  330 x 330 x 20 mm 

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