Stray Kids Kids Racha & Vocal Dolls

Stray Kids Kids Racha & Vocal Dolls

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  • DOLL: 20cm body + basic costume
  • ADDITIONAL OUTFITS: Baseball uniform (top, bottom), Hoodie (top)
  • PREORDER BENEFIT: Transparent Photo Card + Access Card

NOTE: Additional outfits cannot be purchased alone. You must purchase a doll in order to purchase an outfit.

REFUNDS POLICY: There is no refund for reasons other than cancellation of production. Refunds may be made if the minimum quantity is not met.

► PREORDER NOTE: This is a pre-order item and does not include international shipping costs of the product from the supplier to Australia, or domestic shipping fees which will be requested via e-mail once the item has arrived in Australia. It takes about 8 to 11 months from drawing publication to production and delivery.

Estimated delivery date within Australia is September 2021.