Welcome to K-Pop Bazaar!

You might be wondering just WHO is running this k-pop website, who is replying to your questions on social media and who is packing your orders? Are we legit? Where are we from? 

Here is a short story about us ☺

I'm Aly and I'm a k-pop fan based in Sydney, Australia. Some people know me as a GOM (group order manager) from k-pop buy/sell/trade groups and social media talking about k-pop!

I've been a GOM since 2019, which was when I realised that it was quite difficult to get k-pop goods for a good price (shipping that doesn't cost an arm and a leg to this country!) and get goods from reliable sellers. 

In late 2020, I realised that I couldn't handle the amount of orders I had alone, which was how this website - K-Pop Bazaar was born in January 2021. 

We've now grown to a small team (who are all k-pop fans as well!) to run things here. Our team's mission is to provide you an easily accessible, affordable and reliable service to get k-pop goods in Australia. 

We want to make sure that collecting k-pop doesn't need to be that expensive or hard! We want to work together with you to start or complete your k-pop collections ☺


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    Contact us:

    Email: info@kpopbazaar.com.au

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    Instagram: @kpop.bazaar

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