K-POP BAZAAR Q&A - Video Call & Fansign Events

Question 1) How do I enter a video call/fan sign event through K-POP BAZAAR? 

  1. Purchase one (1) album or more through our video call/fan sign event on our website.  One (1) album purchase equals one (1) entry for the internal K-POP BAZAAR raffle*
  2. Fill out the Google Form link that you can find in the product description.  If you have questions in regards to filling out the form, please reach out to us at info@kpopbazaar.com.au 
  3. After the application deadline period ends, we will pick the internal K-POP BAZAAR winner through a raffle.  The internal winner will be announced through email to all participants.  
  4. After the internal winner is announced, K-POP BAZAAR will provide the winner's information through to the event organiser and purchase the albums under the internal winners' name. The quantity of the albums purchased under the internal winner is not the same quantity that the internal purchase ordered with K-POP BAZAAR.  The purchase quantity will be at least the same if not, more than the total quantity purchased by all participants. 

*Internal K-POP BAZAAR raffle is a raffle (drawn at random) that we run amongst our customers to draw internal winners.  This is dependent on the volume of orders.  We will submit the internal winner's details to the external video call fansign organiser for the external raffle. 

Question 2) If I won the internal K-POP BAZAAR raffle, does that mean that I won the final call with the artist? 

No, the internal K-POP BAZAAR raffle winner is the winner amongst K-POP BAZAAR customers.  We submit the internal winner(s)'s information to the video call organiser and purchase albums under the winner(s)'s name. 

Question 3) Will I get my album and what I ordered if I didn't win the internal K-POP BAZAAR raffle? 

Yes, you will receive the items you have ordered through the video call event, including albums/photocards/pre-order benefits as per the listing.  The price you pay to K-POP BAZAAR includes the items mentioned in the listing along with the video call attempt. 

Question 4)  If winning the internal K-POP BAZAAR raffle does not equal winning the final call, why would I buy through K-POP BAZAAR then?  I could purchase through the organisers directly.  

You could always buy through the organisers directly, but the chances of winning with just 1 album is slim. However if you order with K-POP BAZAAR, even if you purchase only 1 album with K-POP BAZAAR, you have a good chance to win the internal raffle. If you win the internal raffle, we will purchase a significantly higher amount of albums under your name, which increases the chances of you winning the final call event. 

Furthermore, shipping directly from the organiser for just 1 album is usually more expensive than buying with K-POP BAZAAR due to shipping costs from Korea. If you are interested in just the album + benefits (ie: photocard etc.), we can help save costs for you on this.  This raffle is just an additional bonus that we are offering to our customers to assist them in winning a call event. 

Question 5) Can I cancel my order after the deadline for event participation?

No, our listing and policy state that cancellations or refund requests cannot be accommodated after the event participation deadline. This is because we place special orders with the event organisers, and their event rules prevent us from requesting cancellations once the event has ended.

Question 6) When is the announcement of the video call event?

This will be on the product listing description. 

Question 7) In the case of winning the final call event, how do I know all the important information that I need to prepare for the call? 

If we need any further information from you, we will contact you directly and personally guide you via email/social media DMs in regards to the information for the final call event. 

If there is any further questions in regards to entering the events with K-POP BAZAAR, please reach out to us: info@kpopbazaar.com.au