October 2021 Service Update

Dear KPB customers, 

Thanks for your ongoing support for our store during this COVID-19 situation in Australia in 2021.  We really appreciate every single person's order to our small business. 

As you may know, our business has been predominantly run by only 2 people (myself and Julia) in Sydney on a part-time basis.  We do everything for our store and have been doing it this way for the entirety of 2021 (with Sarah answering people's DMs remotely). In recent months however, we have had a tremendous amount of support and increase in orders. 

Paired up with Korean public holidays (delays in shipments coming out of Korea), increase in shipments coming in (processing all incoming products), the reopening in NSW (logistic concerns of having to relocate our products from 3 places into 1 place again), we are currently experiencing some delays in our ability to service everyone in the way we would love to. 

Please know that we are doing our best to get every single in-stock/pre-order/back-order item out to you ASAP but while there is only 2 of us working right now with no time to train a new team member (we'd love to hire more hands to help now!), we are experiencing delays beyond our standard ETA. 

We have also received questions in regards to pick-up of your items, I know everyone is really keen to get your items off us (believe me - we are keen to get it off our hands and in yours!) - we are also experiencing in logistic delays in scheduling this to happen / getting our stuff back into our Bankstown warehouse. 

Our aim is to organise pick-ups before the end of this month, but we can't provide a proper ETA at this stage due to all the challenges we are facing/trying to get our usual orders out to everyone as fast as we can.  

Once again, thank you so much for your support.  Please bear with us as we aim to get everything out to you ASAP and look to improve our back-end process so we can service everyone better moving forward, and in the future. 

- Aly 

Date: Monday, 18 October 2021