[PREORDER] NCT 127 3rd Full Album 'Sticker'

[PREORDER] NCT 127 3rd Full Album 'Sticker'

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NCT 127 3rd Full Album 'Sticker'


  • Cover
  • Folded Poster
  • Photobook
  • Sticker: Random 1 of 9
  • Photo Card: Random 1 of 9
  • Post Card: Random 1 of 9

Track List:

  1. Sticker *Title
  2. Lemonade
  3. Breakfast
  4. 같은 시선 (Focus)
  5. 내일의 나에게 (The Rainy Night)
  6. Far
  7. Bring The Noize
  8. Magic Carpet Ride
  9. Road Trip
  10. Dreamer
  11. 다시 만나는 날 (Promise You)

  PRE-ORDER ENDS: 16th September 2021, 8pm AEST 

  RELEASE DATE:  17th September 2021 - Product may take up to 4 weeks from release date to arrive to Australia and be dispatched domestically.

►  NOTE: If the order is placed after the pre-order deadline, this will not be guaranteed to include pre-order benefits.  Excluding pre-order, first press or other early buyer benefits is not a reason for refund, exchange or return. 

►  The outer case/box of this product is simply for protecting the inner goods content.  Damages such as scratches or discoloration on the case/box cannot be compensated.